Woodland Care home is part of a group of care homes. The home was a detached property that has been linked with the residing property to enable a more open space home for our residents.

Woodlands care home is close to local amenities whilst enjoying immediate access to Severn valley railway, a steam railway service. The home is 5 minutes walk from other amenities such as the local colleges, library and cinema.  It enjoys easy access into the town centre, good medical support access and enjoys the full array of activities.  

Woodlands care home offers a combination of single and double bedroom accommodation for up to twelve adults.  We have a limited number of downstairs bedrooms, which could be suitable for wheelchair access.  The clients are encouraged to personalise their own rooms, having favourite pieces of furniture and family keepsakes or being involved in shopping needs & choose colour schemes.  Clients may choose to spend time alone in their rooms or with others in the communal areas. Some bedrooms are en-suite. There is a mixture of bathing and shower facilities throughout the building and a hoists are available to assist in bathing.

There are two lounges, where clients can choose to relax and enjoy the tv or music or possibly peace?? (occasionally it does happen).  There are two large central dining area which accesses the kitchen.  This area often acts as the central focus for activities and social events. The dining area which opens up to the rear garden of the home, which are very pleasant and residents can enjoy the summer periods. The garden is utilised for summer parties and BBQ's that the residents enjoy vastly. The garden also provides a wide range of garden furniture and relaxing swings

The forecourt of the home provides sufficient parking for visitors and guests. There is also the home’s minibus that is owned by the home for the use of taking residents to day centres and days out. We have our own transport, which enables us to attend appointments easily but more importantly allows us to be spontaneous and take trips out.  We enjoy trips to a variety of places throughout the year such as the Safari Park, town centre's and also holiday locations such as Mine head in Devon. 

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